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Although instances of corporate card and travel & entertainment fraud are commonplace, they are both areas that are relatively easy to address. Most organisation start by ensuring that there is an appropriate tone at the top, clearly defined ethical policies and well-designed controls. These are, of course, the right places to start when implementing any program designed to address employee fraud. Card and T& E are both areas in which the use of technology, specifically data analytics technology, has critical role to play in identifying indicators of fraud and stopping fraudsters in their tracks. Both these areas that typically involve very large volumes of transactions. 

In this webinar we will cover;

  • How is data analysis actually used to detect card and travel and entertainment fraud
  • Fraud detection techniques in practice
  • Using data analysis for fraud detection
    • How to identify employees' fraudulent travel & entertainment expenses
    • How to identify employees' fraudulent use of corporate cards
  • Managing the entire fraud detection process

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Combating corporate card and travel & entertainment expense fraud