In today’s digital business landscape, organizations are producing more organizational and transactional data than ever before. Internal Audit teams who choose to capitalize on this wealth of data can generate valuable, crystal ball-like insights, provide greater assurance, and fundamentally change traditional audit techniques—making them a more strategic business partner in the long run.

However, getting access to data and data sources can present a challenge for many audit teams. With IT teams primarily concerned with data confidentiality and data protection, auditors looking to run audit analytics may find themselves at a stalemate when it comes to accessing critical data for testing and reporting.

Watch this 60-minute on-demand webinar to discover how to talk to your IT team about getting access to the data you need to successfully embed analytics into your audit processes. In this session, Keith Cerny, Chief Technology Officer at ACL, and Adam Habberley, Senior Customer Success Specialist at ACL, discuss:

  • What you need to know to get the conversation started with IT
  • How to build an IT-trusted pipeline to your source data
  • Reasons why your IT team may push back and how to overcome these objections
  • Tips on how to keep your data secure and compliant
  • Real-life stories of customers who successfully built a trusted relationship with their IT team (and how they did it!)

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How to Talk to Your IT Team About Getting Access to Data