Do you use Word documents and spreadsheets as your primary tools for capturing and documenting risk information at your bank or credit union? Many do and while this is often the go-to solution, it significantly impedes the ability for business units to work efficiently, continuously monitor risks, maintain durable data integrity, and deliver meaningful data insights.

When information is trapped inside documents and spreadsheets, it effectively becomes “dark data”: impossible to search, reference, analyze, export, report on or access on mobile devices—not to mention that it’s prone to mistakes. For financial institutions, "dark" unsearchable data creates additional risks of not being able to demonstrate strong processes and assurance to regulators and executives.

Join us for this webinar as ACL's Chief Product Officer, Dan Zitting, reviews the destructive effects of dark data, how to best avoid them, and how to effectively perform advanced queries and analysis on your data.

In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • The problem with managing risk in documents and how to avoid dark data
  • Why you should never rely on document-embedded metadata
  • Methods to properly structure digital intelligence and unlock the value of risk data
  • How to use dashboards to report to regulators and executives
  • Ways to leverage software to run reports, continuously monitor risks and use your data to build KRIs

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The Dangers of Managing Risk in Spreadsheets