A smart and integrated approach to enterprise risk management (ERM) can be the critical ingredient that drives an organization’s performance to new levels of success. It means moving beyond silos and that the full spectrum of risks across the enterprise are seen in the context of achieving corporate objectives and maximizing operational performance. It means embracing some risks as opportunities and not just something to be avoided. It also means having constant insight into what is actually happening, both within and outside the organization, and responding to minimize the damage from both previously known and emerging risks.

Is excellence in ERM practices easy to achieve? Of course not. If it was easy, all organizations would already be doing it. However, modern technology and the power of data analytics can do much to transform and enable risk management processes in ways that are simply not achievable using traditional approaches to risk management.

In this 60-minute webinar, we’ll take you through:

  • 7 key trends in ERM
  • 6 major components of a high-performance data-driven ERM process
  • 15 functional capabilities of ERM software that are critical for success

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7 Key Trends in Enterprise Risk Management